Mes Vignes en Coffret


Are you a winelover? Do you want to know more about wine-making?

Would you like to discover, make discover, or even more, have a better wine knowledge?
Mes Vignes en Coffret allows you to follow, during a year, the know-how of our passionate wine-producers, their work. They will communicate you their passion. You will adopt a wine parcel during a year, the time a millesime.

You select on our France map, one of your favorite winery, that you would like to discover or whish to offer...

You choose one of our 3 formula, with 6, 12, or 24 vines (that will crrespond to the number of bottles). The first formula « The time of a millesime » ; you will receive your welcome gift (by post), with the certificate of adoption. 

Then, each month, we will adress you a Newsletter, where you'll find news of your vines, a receip for the according « mets-vin », and tips / boards for tasting.

If you chose the formule « One foot in the vineyard », we will organise for you a visit of your vines, the chai, the cellar and taste the differents wines of the domain.

If you chose the formule « A night in the vineyard », you will visit the domain, and we will spend a night in a closer and charming bed and breakfast.

At the end of « your year » (anniversary date of the order), you will receive, at home, your personalized bottles... A good time to share...

Born of a passion for wine, for vine, for grapes, Mes Vignes en Coffret, allows you to discover the French savoir-faire, the French famous wines, the French vineyard's region. With Mes Vignes en Coffret, you are sure to make the original, unique and personalized gift, who during one year. Mes Vignes en Coffret will developp oenology internship, personalized offers, incentive companies...


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